BOUTIQ — Independent design consultancy specializing in identity design based in Cambodia

BOUTIQ — About

BOUTIQ is the design consultancy of myself, Both Bou, a graphic designer that specializes in identity design, brand strategy & typography.

I'm based in Cambodia and have worked with a wide array of international and local clients. My goal with each project is to find the essential core of a brand and then create a timeless identity that serves to solve complex questions.


BOUTIQ is the independent design consultancy of Both Bou, a graphic designer/creative director that specializes in identity design, typography & brand strategy.

Both’s work revolves around concept-driven design, solving complex questions through simple yet distinctive and timeless design solutions. He has worked with a wide array of both international and local clients, delivering finely crafted ideas and execution.

If you are interested in working with him or have a potential project you would like to discuss to see what he can do for you, please contact him.



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