Reach Beyond | Brand Identity Design

Reach Beyond is a company made up of digital marketing specialists in Europe, Africa and South-East Asia. The brand was launched early in 2016 and has quickly grown to a business model which enables businesses big and small to receive unrivaled service and results, whilst delivering value for money that is hard to beat.

They are trained and certified by Google and know Adwords and other platforms inside and out. As a Google Premier Partner they have achieved the highest levels of certification, ad spend and most importantly performance.


Boutiq was tasked with designing an identity for Reach Beyond, the goal was to create a strong coherent identity system that could be utilized on all digital marketing platforms.

The logo was designed with the idea of forward thinking in mind, to achieve this we went with an italic typeface, the icon follows the same angle as the type creating a seamless flow to the whole mark.

Since Reach Beyond is certified by Google, we decided to go with an Google open source Typeface called “Roboto Condensed”.